Bonjour in fashion


So happy for my new cooperation with “Bonjour in fashion”. 

Nothing better for me than a bassic jean and a black top! In today’ s
post wearing my new fab bonjour in fashion black top! A style 
from 80’s with a classic high waist jean and crop black top. Hope 
you like it! See you really soon! 
p.s. For orders find “Bonjour in fashion” page on facebook and 
send inbox message. 
Top: Bonjour in fashion 
High waist jean: Paul and Bear 
Heels & necklace: Zara 
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Back to black

“Back to black” and back to basics! I really enjoy my summer 
holidays but now i am ready for autumn to come..In todays post
black fringes everywear! In total boho mood, wearing black and
 grey clothes with lovely yellow details, getting ready for 
cold days! 
Ring: Art of π 
Poncho: Nidodileda 
Bag & Pants: Zara          
Sneakers: Stradivarius
Sunglasses: Miu-Miu

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Like a mermaid

“Like a mermaid” title for a post near the sea, and also best 
choice for seaurchin handmade jewels! In today’ s post wearing total
white maxi dress & having fun by photo-sooting under the sunset..
blue, red, yellow and pink colors all around the sky! Day after day 
summer is ending..
Rings & hair clip: seaurchin handmade jewels 
Dress: Katerina Krommidaki  
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yellow on yellow

“Yellow on yellow”..When i saw this door i was sure it was the 
best place for photo-sooting 
today’ s outfit! In this post..just one world..TURBANS! The trend 
for this summer but also 
for the winter time. It adds extra style in your outfit and it can be worn
 with everything! That was the first part..the
second one is about BIG RINGS. I just love them! When i saw this 
 beautiful yellow ring i was sure 
that it had to be mine! And here it is! Thank you Art of π for 
this lovely gift! Anyway..hope
you like the new post! See you soon! 
Wearing :
Ring: Art of π 
Necklace: Thallo jewels 
Sunglasses: Miu Miu
Skirt: H&M 
Tshirt: Zara 
Sandals: S for sandals 
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Every summer has a story

                                                    “Every summer has a story” The 
story begins with a secret..all you need is sun, sea, salty hair and 
extra big smiles! These are the basics for your great summer story! 
In todays post I am lost in a blue & white paradise! Wearing my 
favourite white swimsuit & a long white jacket. Again with the 
lovely handmade ” seaurchin ” jewels in pink color, which are made
 of real sea urchins! Pink details in a total white summer outfit! 
Beautiful pictures from my island..hope you like it..  
Wearing : 
jewels: handmade seaurchin jewels 
Swimsuit: Juicy Couture 
Jacket: Zara
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Summer time..for me..the best season of the year! This summer is all about
 boho. So what is the best choice? 
In today’ s post, in extra calm mood, wearing kaftan  in turquoise
 color & special seaurchin handmade jewels! 
No stress! Just walking around in a white
 fairytale with turquoise details!
Hope you enjoy it as much as i do! 
Jewels: Seaurchin
Kaftani: Achilleas accessories
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August..the Sunday of summer

Well hello hello there! Happy august everybody! “August..the Sunday of summer”. In this post wearing fab green Jewels!White outfit with some navy details!

For my makeup I use Oriflame products!

Still in extra summer mood cause summer hasn’t  end yet!
Jewels : Li.La.Lo. Jewels
Shorts & jacket : Zara
Flats : S for sandals
Makeup: Oriflame
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What is the best way to live your just have to Live.Laugh & Love…
or just to wear the new jewels from Li.La.Lo. company! In love with those
blue earings..i think it’s going to be my must! In today’ s post wearing
total-open back black dress & silk headscarf  with blue & green colors.
Headscarfs are great for summer days..they protect you from the sun
and giving extra  style in your outfit. See you soon..take care and wear
great jewels.

Earings: Li.La.Lo jewels
Sunglasses: Miu-Miu
Flats: S for sandals

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