ESTEE LAUDER was always my favorite cosmetic company!  Αll the products have  excellent quality and they have never disappointed me! A month ago I received a new girly and youthful collection wich named Genuine Glow by ESTEE LAUDER. The set included two moisturizers for face and eyes, a blushing cream for lips and cheeks, an extra freshy gloss and an eyelighting cream for the eyes and face. Of course I  use all of them for some weeks and now it’s time to tell you my opinion !

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You can’t start your summer vacation without your bech essentials! Beyond the swimsuit and your hat, you have to find the appropriate sunscreen for your body and your face. This summer I tried the new sunscreen from my beloved brand YOUTH LAB.

Face: This sunscreen is the most girly product for summer! The Oil Free Compact Cream, is a form of compact make-up that offers strong sun protection from sunlight. It is not greasy and is adapted to the color tone of your skin. Also,it offers a tanning look  that remains stable and unchanged for many hours! You will love it!!

Body: Even if you do not get burn in the sun (as I do), y0u shouldn’t  neglect your skin and not protect your body from the  sun. The Body Guard SPF is a handy sunscreen face and body spray, water resistant, which spreads easily, without leaving greasy. It provides high protection, while moisturizing your skin.

Wish yo to spend a wonderful time at the beaches, but do not forget  protect your skin! So don’t forget your sunscreen! Have fun and take care! See you soon!!
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The GlowBox

There is only one word that I can say for the new GlowBox! Magic! A box full of unique Fresh Line products, which smell awesome! In this box I found all the beauty products that I need! It includes a bath set with a shower gel and a Body Milk with pistachio and almond perfume. It revitalizes your skin and makes you feel clean all day long! Also it contains a  handmade soap, with real cardamom and a resinous perfume that leaves a delicate scent on your skin.

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Summer essentials by #Macrovita

After a long time, I am back with a new beauty post! The truth is that I was one of those girls that didn’t use many creams and beauty products, except from the basic ones. If you are still one of those girls it’s because you haven’t used Macrovita products yet and trust me once you do you will love them!The beautiful package with organic beauty products by Macrovita that I received some days ago impressed me and I started taking better care of my skin. The magnificent natural texture, unique flavors and the difference I saw from day to day made the macrovita products part of my daily beauty routine.

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Red on my lips

The MUST christmas color in your make up, is the red on your lips. If i’m going to wear a bright lipstick I want it to be the centre of my look. I don’t use to wear colorful clothes but Ireally love to use colors on my make up and I feel more comfortable with that! Don’t make it messy! Try to keep it chic and simple. A natural look with a lot of mascara is the best way to shine with your classic red lipstick.

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The skin you’re in

I always dreamed of having a pretty skin, I have to say that it’s all about understanding its needs, taking care of it and giving it all the love it deserves. In the past I was constantly using so many harsh chemicals and drying products which at that moment used to ruin the quality of my skin. It became very sensitive and since then, not even by using creams and cleansers from big market brands didn’t always work for me. My skin is very sensitive and ”stressed”, this is why from now on  I  try to find for “calming properties” in my beauty products. Also I want them to be easy in using them, smell great and make me feel “clean” and fresh.

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