Draw your own crown

 Hello everyone and Thanks God It’ s Friday! Today I decide to 

Draw my own crown! So in this post I am wearing

 my new black kimono with a simple grey dress. Oxford shoes for 

extra style and a crown on my head..Alma creations eye 

necklace & anchor bracelet! Hope you like it & see you soon..

P.S. Always wear your invisible crown..


Kimono: Bonjour in fashion 
Necklace & bracelet: Alma creations 
Dress & sunglasses: Zara 



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Li.La.Lo.’ s world

Our new post is about li.la.lo. new collection. Gold, pink gold, 

silver & black silver make every outfit chic and different! Their 

unique jewells can be worn with casual or official outfits. I really 

love them and wear them all the time! If you like them too, stay

tuned on Fashionell Blog for all Li.L.Lo.’ s news! Hope you like 

them as much as I do..

    P.S. Find and buy Li.La.Lo. jewels from their official site: 



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Keep your dreams alive


 As you can see..in today’ s post I am in extra vintage mood! A 

combination of rock & classic vintage style! Midi leather skirt (by 

bonjour in fashion), pink shirt (by Gin clothing), black turban, 

leather boots and my favorite rings from Li.La.Lo. new collection. 

That’ s all for today! Hope you like it and do not forget the moto of 

the day..”Keep your dreams alive” and do it with passion

Rings: Li.La.Lo.
Shirt: Gin clothing 
Skirt: Bonjour in fashion 

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Street style

Heyy guys! First of all I want to welcome Li.La.Lo. company on 
fashionell’ s team!  In this post you can have a small taste of 
 Li.La.Lo.’ s new collection, which is only the beginning! 
In today’ s photo shooting we have “Street style”! As winter is 
getting closer I choose  dark colors like black & grey with great 
gold details! For this fall choose the lovely poncho from Bonjour 
in fashion! Hope you like it and see you really soon! 

Ring: Li.La.Lo.
Poncho: Bonjour in fashion 
Bag: Michael Kors 
Pants, Shoes & sunglasses: Zara 

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Colorful stories on a wall

As the winter is too close to us I left behind my colorful clothes 
(Only for this post!) and I put them all on the wall! That’ s why I 
gave this title. “Colorfull stories on a wall” In today’ s post 
wearig my fav “Bonjour in fashion” boho top, but this time in black 
color with  wonderfull blue details! 
p.s. For orders find “Bonjour in fashion” page on facebook and send inbox message. 
T-shirt: Bonjour in fashion 
Skirt, Hat, boots & sunglasses: All from Zara 
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Details make the difference

 “Details make the difference” That’ s how a simple classic white 
T-shirt can make the difference with some red details! In today’ s 
post I am wearing my favorite T-shirt from bonjour in fashion
 collection! A fab piece which combines boho & chic style. Taba
 jacket (which is the best color for this winter), classic blue jean & 
round black sunglasses for extra style! I am sure that this outfit is 
going to be my favorite one! Do you agree..? 
p.s. If  you love that T-shirt as much as I do, make your order through inbox message in “Bonjour in fashion” page on facebook.
T-shirt: Bonjour in fashion 
Blue jean: Paul and bear 
Boots & Sunglasses: Zara 

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Bonjour in fashion


So happy for my new cooperation with “Bonjour in fashion”. 

Nothing better for me than a bassic jean and a black top! In today’ s
post wearing my new fab bonjour in fashion black top! A style 
from 80’s with a classic high waist jean and crop black top. Hope 
you like it! See you really soon! 
p.s. For orders find “Bonjour in fashion” page on facebook and 
send inbox message. 
Top: Bonjour in fashion 
High waist jean: Paul and Bear 
Heels & necklace: Zara 
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Back to black

“Back to black” and back to basics! I really enjoy my summer 
holidays but now i am ready for autumn to come..In todays post
black fringes everywear! In total boho mood, wearing black and
 grey clothes with lovely yellow details, getting ready for 
cold days! 
Ring: Art of π 
Poncho: Nidodileda 
Bag & Pants: Zara          
Sneakers: Stradivarius
Sunglasses: Miu-Miu

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