– New Genarations’ Fashion Lines –

In fashion except from the big designers there are also many new talented young ones. I had seen some of them before, but there were also fresh faces with special and innovative clothes.

Where did I saw them all? On Monday 26/09 at the Athens conservatory took part the first New Generations’ Fashion Lines show (NGFL). What is NGFL? The fashion event of the new generation of fashion designers!

The idea of ​​NGFL is highly original and creative. Apart from the significant promotion that will be offered to all young designers, it is also a way to show fashion through the eyes of a new designer who

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StreetStyle Heroe #MCblogAwrds16

Marie Claire Blog Awards 2016. Ένα υπέροχο challenge σιγά σιγά φτάνει προς το τέλος! Μια μοναδική και πολύ δημιουργική εμπειρία!
Όπως θα έχετε δει, είμαι υποψήφια στην κατηγορία Street Style Heroes με χορηγό την ελληνική εταιρία ρούχων CELESTINO.
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