-Just Clean-

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Sometimes the only thing that you have to do for beeing beautiful is just to have a fresh skin. With other worlds, we

just want to be clean.

As you all know I really enjoy having a moisturize, fresh and clean skin! That’s why I use many moisturizing creams.

In my last beauty post I saw you the ventus collection. In today’s post, I will present you my new love. Gaia send me

some beautiful products, which are made with pure organic greek olive oil and silk.


I tried the Olive Pistachio body scrub which includes aloe vera and it can be used in all your body and face. After that

part (which was my favorite one) I used Olive Pistachio hand&nail cream & also the Olive Pistachio foot cream. I

really loved the Hydrating body milk (the one in the botle) which smells great.


Except for a perfect skin care, we also have to protect our hair. That’s why once ot two times every week I use my new

Hair Mask by Gaia, which is made with natural products. I really recomend this product, espesially for the summer

months, as the sea will discomfort your hair.


Hope you like it! Have fun and take care..


Gaia Natural Cosmetics 

DMB Hellas Products






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