V for Valentine’s Day

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Hey there! Valentine’s day is around the corner! There are many of you who hate this day or think that is just a boring celebration! I am one of those girls who LOVE the V-day! You haven’t found a present yet right? I made a “can’t go wrong list” with the best presents for Her & for Him. Red wine, as the day appropriates and let’s do this.


For HER:

So boys..girls are easy! Number one present for the V-day is of course..sexy underwear! For the day of love you better have to choose something in red. Number two is a beautiful jewelry  . I choose a gold bracelet with pearls by Iosifina stars! It is special, chic & minimal and she can wear it from day till night (LOVE IT). Number three, a good bag or a pair of heels will always have a special place in every girl’s heart! So that’s a “can’t go wrong¨ present for her. Number four is a teddy! Choose something that you know that she will definitely love it! And the last one, a special gift set with beauty products. I choose the one with the best smell by Messinian Spa. All girls need it!

*SPECIAL TIP: Except from the present, a red rouse and some chocolates will make your surprise even better! 1




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For Him:

Some of us believe that it’s too difficult to find the perfect present for a man! That’s why I am here! For me the best present that you can find for your love is bhfdhfdsghdhsomething that he will always have with him! So girls..the number one choice for the cold February nights is a knit scarf! He will absolutely love it. Number two, Ray Ban are always MUST!  A pair of sunglasses will be also a “can’t live without it” kind of present. Number three, classic but always good..a leather wallet! Number four a watch (steal some tips from the ‘Sex and the City’ movie and right a special wish in the back side of the watch.) And the last, but not least, cause it’s my favorite one a pair of cufflinks. I will recommend you the cufflinks by DARED on silver or black silver (BEST) color which accompanied with a special love story.

*SPECIAL TIP: Choose the best present for your love, but do not forget to right a gift card with special wishes for him and for your love.








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