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Summer is too close to us, but hot sun is already here! The first thing that we have to be careful is our skin care.  So I

wanted to share with you all the things that I am doing for my skin.  I’m sharing not just my skin care routine, but

also those products that I can truly trust.

Face & Body

Firstly, my favorite skin product is the Scrub. After every use, I feel my skin clean and fresh. As a fun of natural

products, I am using the Body & Face Scrub by Messinian Spa, which has the best smell I have ever smell. Except

from my face, I use it also for my body, as it removes the dead cells from your skin. I really love it!


Let’s continue our conversation on hydrating our face skin. Hydration is the most important part for your skin care.

You have to use two moisturizing creams for the eye area and another one for the rest of the face. I recommend two

great products again from Messinian Spa. For my face the 24 Hours Moisturizing face cream which make my skin

feel incredibly soft and because it’s more of a cream instead of a gel. it feels as if I have nothing on my skin. For the

eye area I use the Anti-aging Protective eye cream, which make my eyes look rested and bright.


Except from the hydration of our face, we also need to moisturize our body skin. For this reason, we just need a body

butter. One of the things that I want from a body cream is a great smooth and fresh smell. That’s why I choose the

pinky (as a Barbie girl ) Body Butter from Messinian Spa. Is my beauty addiction & it also looks like a strawberry

ice cream! It is made with pomegranate & honey.


Keeping my lips hydrated is something I always do in the morning, in the night, and during the day. For this I have

been using the Baby Lips Lip Balm from Maybelline NY which smells great and above all works perfectly. I bring it

with me all the time.

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