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I always dreamed of having a pretty skin, I have to say that it’s all about understanding its needs, taking care of it and giving it all the love it deserves. In the past I was constantly using so many harsh chemicals and drying products which at that moment used to ruin the quality of my skin. It became very sensitive and since then, not even by using creams and cleansers from big market brands didn’t always work for me. My skin is very sensitive and ”stressed”, this is why from now on  I  try to find for “calming properties” in my beauty products. Also I want them to be easy in using them, smell great and make me feel “clean” and fresh.

Some days before, I received a package full of beautifull, soft and smelly creams from the Ventus collection of Gaia’s Natural Cosmetics. As you have read from my past beauty posts, I am a big fan of natural beauty products and I always recomend them! I tried all the products from Ventus collection (Scrub, Body butter, Hand Cream & Vaseline) and i have to say all of them turned to be really awsome! Of course I have to write all the special details about them for you!







One of the most importatnt thing that can help your body and face skin is the scrub. Scrub removes the dead cells from your skin. It also moisturizes and tons your skin in the same time. The “spicy” scrub contains coffee, almonds and vitamin E which are three very important ingredients for the skin. It also has shea butter , almond&coconut oil for softening the skin and it is suitable for all the skin tipes. I tried two diferent scrubs from Gaia, the Tendy (which smells like almond milk) and the spicy (which smells Vanilia and it’s also my favorite one)


After the use of scrub you can try the Ventus body butter, which fits perfectly in combination with your scrub as it provides the same smell.


I always have a hand cream in my bag. The Ventus hand cream is a moisturize nourish cream with organic and natural aloe vera.


For a deeper moisturize you can also use the Ventus vaseline, which is made by natural products.


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