The Purple Lip

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So happy about today’ s beauty post! As most of you had seen, my favorite lip color is the purple! That’s why I choose

to saw you how to mix a simple girly make up with a rock purple lipstick. My makeup is by Peggy Kirkou on her

beauty center Remake me.

*See more about Peggys work (here)




Step 1:  Starting with the base. For the base Peggy takes a light pinky shade from the palette and swipes it all over the eye-lid to create the perfect base.

Step 2: Taking the purple color of the palette and spreading it at the top of the eye.

Step 3: Peggy  puts purple eyeliner on the bottom of the eye.

Step4: Maybe the most important eye step, is the high lighter under the brow. It makes your look cleaner and it also opens your eyes.

Step 5: Put Maskara on several coats from the top to the bottom of lashes, as this step will tie the entire eye look.



Step1: As you remember from my last “Remake me” post (see here) , Peggy don’t use the classic make up, but she puts  it with the airbrush. If you try to make the look alone, you just make a base on your face using your make up.

Step 2: My favorite part of every make up is the “cuts” on the face. Peggy puts terracotta on the cheekbones and on the neck.

Step 3: Peggy takes a rouge and daps it on my cheeks . That will make your face looking young and fresh.




Step1: TIP* Dap a little concealer around your lips. This will keep your lipstick from bleeding.

Step 2: Put your fab purple lipstick on!


Hope this tips help!


All makeup by the one Peggy Kirkou from Remake me

All photos by Nicole P. Vitas



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